Your Digital Home

A new way of interacting with your tools and information.
"Affy is your personal space with various built-in features and integrated cloud apps to visually store any type of information, and to carry-on all your digital activities from a single location".

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What You Can DO


Centralize all your tools and information in a secure personal space.


Design the digital home to your personal preferences to make it look distinct and exclusive to yourself.

Cloud Applications

Use unlimited applications without downloading in a single environment.

Hubs for Groups

A common space for your friends to discuss and collaborate on different activities.

Why should you use it


A platform that is easy and convenient to use everyday.


Convenience to use a wide variety of apps without downloading them.


Your design with your handpicked tools & information.


The practicality of  linking tools and information together.


Being able to map and visualize your digital activities.


Easy access to all activities anywhere on any device.